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With every legislative General Assembly, there are nearly 10,000 pieces of legislation filed. Monitoring this legislation to insure bills unfavorable to the automotive repair industry do not get passed, is in of itself a full-time job but in addition to that AASPI’s legislative agenda includes passing legislation that improves the well being of the industry.

Please follow the directions below to file an electronic witness slip on any legislation that AASPI is calling for member action.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the red GA Dashboard
  3. Click on House or Senate; Committee Hearing; Week.
  4. Complete the witness slip.

OEM Legislation to Support

Click here to review and comment on a potential addition to the Illinois Insurance Code.

To provide some background, Section 155.29 of the Illinois Insurance Code, which has been law since 1990, allows for the use of non-OEM repair parts with proper disclosures, and Title 50, Section 919.80(d)(5)(C) of the Illinois Administrative Code requires repair parts to be “at least equal in like kind and quality”; however, OEM repair procedures remain unaddressed in Illinois law.

The ultimate goal of our legislation is to better protect repair shops utilizing OEM procedures in Illinois.

Your industry knowledge and feedback regarding this amendment is welcome by clicking here.