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Membership Subscription Page


  • Additional Locations are $50.00 each. Please use “other” to enter a custom payment amount if you are enrolling multiple locations.
  • CLICK HERE to view Sponsorship Levels, then use “other” to enter a custom payment amount for your sponsorship choice.

Definition of categories of membership

Regular Membership

Regular membership is defined as any firm, partnership, or corporation actively engaged in automotive repair and is licensed by the Secretary of State. Any such member may designate a qualified employee, partner, or another officer as the member’s authorized and designated representative. Such designate shall then assume both rights and responsibilities of the designer’s membership. The member must have at least one full-time employee and permanent facilities to perform competent motor vehicle repair maintenance or related services for the general public. Every application accepted for membership must have met all existing local, city, and state laws applicable to the facility.

Associate Membership

Any firm, partnership, or corporation actively engaged in the physical distribution of parts and/or paint & material from a recognized parts distribution house or automotive dealership of OEM, salvage, and/or aftermarket parts may apply for Associate Membership. Associate Members have voting privileges for the election of officers and directors of the Association.

Educational Membership

Any school (high school, college, or vocational) or firm