We are a statewide nonprofit trade association comprised of independent and dealer repair centers, technical colleges, high schools, and suppliers affiliated with the collision and repair industries. Our mission is to serve members and the public of the State of Illinois through informing, involving and influencing the safety and quality of repairs.

Purposes of Organization

1. To form a state group, representative of the business and professional interests of the automotive retail repair industry; to unite its members in the closest bonds of good fellowship and to promote closer business, educational and social unity.

2. To foster and protect the business interests of the members of the Corporation by all honorable and lawful means.

3. To encourage the application of the highest ethical standards in the business of the members of the Corporation, and to promote favorable publicity and advertising, so that a more harmonious relationship may be established with the motoring public.

4. To aid in the dissemination of knowledge or improved automotive repair methods among all members of the Corporation, and to serve as a medium for the
exchange of valuable business information and practices among the members.

5. To improve standards of automotive repair throughout the entire state.

6. To promote safety on the highways and in automotive repair firms, through cooperation with all law enforcement bodies and through the application of the
highest repair standards, so that only safe vehicles will be used on highways.

7. To promote legislation favorable to the best interests of the automotive industry and to the motoring public in general, in both state and national legislative bodies.

8. To educate members of the Corporation and the general public, including consumers of automotive repair, and to publicize the activities and purposes of
the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois.

9. To support Automotive Collision Repair and Automotive Technology Education programs, schools and students to help cultivate career opportunities with
professional and high-quality shops throughout Illinois.

10. To conduct its affairs and advance the aforestated purposes within and without the State of Illinois.